Hello I’m

Jordie Marie Rippon

Theater Manager/Puppet Designer & Builder

My Artist Statement Abridged….

I was made out of necessity, from a pile felt and some buttons.
A way for a person to exhale.
I was never given a name not out of abandonment but as to not put a limit on what I can do.
Made out of the favorite colors and a zipper that was found.
My creation came from the question, What does this zipper go to?
A question meant to be said in the future tense
Stitches not well hidden but not attempted to be
Dried hot glue where the sewing machine couldn’t reach not meant to conceal my construction but amplify that the machine didn’t control the project.
Because I was made out of necessity

About Me

Jordie Marie loves to explore current topics in a way that can be creative and fun. She loves to combine her love of puppetry with theatre in order to create a tool to educate others.